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I breed for color, I produced the first lilac from both chocolate parents. I have Lilac-Chocolate-Blue-Chocolate & tan & standard. I am working on my first lilac & tan and a solid lilac-blue-chocolate a/a. 

Most of my puppies are sold into pet homes on a spayed/neuter contract, NO papers will be given. Because some owners later decide to breed there dogs even sold as pets. If papers were given even limited they take them to a lower kennel club and register them with there.  

Puppies sold for breeding will come with AKC papers. 

All puppies come with a One Year Health Guarantee.


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Lilac Lyle was the first Lilac to be born from both chocolate parents.

Lilac have only been around since late 2011, which the first lilac known was produced by Linda Bradshaw at Westcoast Bulldog in Canada. 

The parents of the first lilac born in the world is the parents of my late Chocolate carry blue Yogi Bear and the father and grandfather in most of my lines. 

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