Special Breeding With Chocolate Mini Factory Fifty & Lilac Iris


Purple Iris puppies due

Due 3/6/2019

Iris DNA is dd bb ay/a kbr/ky Em/E

Pups expected = Lilac & Chocolate, solid a/a & tan at/a, also brindle and fawns ay/a & ay/at.


Sire of Iris pups Fifty

Fifty DNA = Dd bb at/a ky/ky

Owned by Manuel  & Liz Garcia at the Chocolate Factory.

Black Beauty DNA = Dd Bb at/a kbr/ky Em/E.  

Puppies expected = Black, blue, chocolate & lilac. All will be tan pointed some will have the brindle gene so will be trindles. Dad carris the long hair gene L/l . 

Lilac Iris X Fifty's puppies DOB 3/4/2019

Lilac Piebald Male a/a


This little guy is a lilac piebald a/a. His mom is lilac ay/a and dad is a chocolate & tan at/a.  He comes with full AKC papers, health guarantee, shots, worming and record

Price is $5000

Chocolate Piebald carries blue ay/at Male


This guy is looking for a family home, pet no papers. He will have his up to date shots and worming. He comes with a health guarantee.

His price is $3500.

Chocolate & Tan c/blue at/a Male


This little guy is a Chocolate & tan carries blue. He is going to live with the stud owner

This little girl is now available, stud owner taking the chocolate & tan male.


Stud owner decided to take the little chocolate & tan boy, so this girl is now available. She is lilac brindle carries the tan gene ay/at.

Full breeding rights asking $5000

Mocha Lotte Dd bb at/a


Chocolate & tan Female, I was going to keep her be decided to keep a pup from Iris Mom's litter.

Full Breeding rights asking $5000

Special breeding with Chocolate Factory GSP & Black Beauty (Sorry no more Fluffy carries available)


Lilac & Tan at/at carries cream & L4 long hair gen

We are excited to add Manuel Garcia Chocolate Factory GSP to our breeding program.


Lilac Frenchies Black Beauty

Black Beauty is Black & tan trindle, carries chocolate & blue

Black Beauty X GSP DOB 3/16/2019 Stud owner will be taking one of the puppies.

Blue & tan Male


Blue & tan male at/at or at/a, carries chocolate. waiting on DNA to see if he carries the long hair gene &/or cream

Asking pet no papers $3500

Breeding AKC papers $4500. 

Black & Tan Male at/a Dd Bb E/e S/L4


This is Black Bandit, he carries 6 different genes. He has the very special long hair gene L4, he carries both blue & chocolate so can make lilac, he is black & tan (a) & (at). He is maskless and carries cream (e)


Lilac & Tan Trindle


This guy is lilac & tan trindle,  waiting on DNA to find out if he carries the long hair gene and/or cream. He is either at/a or at/at. 


Lilac & Tan Male Pet home


This guy is a very light lilac & tan & carries cream. He is small, one of the smallest in the litter. He will come with UTD shots and worming and a health guarantee. 

Price AKC $6000

Blue & tan Female dd Bb E/e S/L4


Blue & Tan carries chocolate, cream & S/L4 long hair gene. Waiting on Stud owner to see which pup he takes before pricing or taking any deposits down.


Black & Tan Female


This girl is really pretty, she is looking for a family pet home & no papers will be given. She is very nicely put together, very flat face thick body. 

Price AKC $4000

Peanut Black & Tan Trindle, pictures coming


This is peanut, she is looking for a pet home but will consider breeding. 

Her price is $3000 pet home no papers, no breeding rights.

Breeding Price $4000

My Keeper Chocolate & tan


I may let this beauty go, she is chocolate & tan, she has it all. She carries L4 long hair gene, blue & cream. 








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